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Ophthalmology Board Certification and more recently Maintenance of Certification have always emphasized the importance of ocular pathology. Besides diagnostic services for the community’s ophthalmologists, providing eye pathology training for residents in ophthalmology is among the main tasks of eye pathologists across the country. It is essential for ophthalmologists to acquire a good basic understanding of ocular pathology in order to best understand findings during their examinations. An accurate clinical diagnosis or at least a comprehensive differential diagnosis, always based on knowledge of tissue pathology, is the priority goal of the clinical ophthalmologist assessing a patient complaint.

The primary tool of the ocular pathologist is the light microscope, now hugely aided by digital imaging and digital photography for teaching purposes. Molecular pathology techniques such as immunoperoxidase staining are now also commonly applied to tissue diagnosis in ocular pathology. Scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and newer research tools such as the femtosecond laser may also be applied to special problems.

The advantage that trouble training for eye pathologists (ophthalmology and pathology) conveys is that they can more accurately communicate with clinicians submitting specimens and ophthalmology residents than a non-ophthalmologist pathologist. UCI Medical Center’s Gavin Herbert Eye Institute is the only institution in Orange County with a dedicated ophthalmic pathologist. Although Dr. Minckler has retired from direct patient care, he is extremely involved in all eye pathology cases and is an invaluable member of the teaching faculty at the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute. 

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Whether you need a routine eye exam or care for complex vision problems, the internationally respected ophthalmologists at the UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute will provide you with the highest quality of care to treat your vision problems. 

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The UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute has locations in Orange at the UCI Medical Center, and also in Irvine on the UCI Campus.