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Our dedicated team provides the support that helps our department to run. Have a question or need some help? Let us know.

Sally Dabiri

Department Administrator
Phone: 949-824-6258

Annika Fargas

Administrative Manager
Executive Assistant:
Chair Baruch D. Kuppermann, MD, PhD
Phone: 949-824-8089

Stephanie Lam

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-6256

Drs. Stephen Prepas, Donny Suh, Matthew Wade

Pamela Crouch

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-0327

Drs. Marjan Farid, Sumit (Sam) Garg, Charlotte Gore, Sanjay Kedhar

Solmaz Nassipour

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-7944

Drs. Wade Crow, Ken Lin, Kavita Rao, Mohammad Riazi, Jeremiah Tao

Cindy Lee

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-3134

Drs. Stephanie Lu, Mitul Mehta, Vivek Patel

Aidan Tran

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-4122

Drs. Andrew Browne, Maria Del Valle Estopinal, Austin Fox, Don Minckler, Sameh Mosaed

Roeuthy Lorn

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-3476

Drs. Lilangi Ediriwickrema, Olivia Lee, Samuel Spiegel

Lori Monahan

Senior Analyst - Billing
Phone: 949-824-1881

Alex Hernandez

Finance & Billing Assistant
Phone: 949-824-2635

Dana Collinson

Director of Marketing & Special Events
Phone: 949-824-7243

Luis Delgado

Director of Business Development
Phone: 949-824-0305

Angelica Arias

Program Assistant:
Business Development, Marketing & Special Events
Phone: 949-824-9276

Will Tocki

Finance Director
Phone: 949-824-6108

Shradha Srivastav

Personnel Analyst

Shawna Du-Terry

Personnel Analyst

Humberto Alejo

Purchasing Agent - Lead
Phone: 949-824-xxxx

Sherry Stoltz

Purchasing Agent
Phone: 949-824-0342

Naomi Carreon

Research Purchasing Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-5637

Angele Nalbandian, PhD

Senior Editor
Phone: 949-824-9490

Esrath Rumki

Research Administrator
Phone: 949-824-0429

Anna Kiker, MBA, CRA

Assistant Director Center for Translational Vision Research
Phone: 949-824-3496

Rosalee Reyes

Finance Analyst - Research
Phone: 949-824-9138


Assistant Director of Research Operations
Phone: 949-824-xxxx

Rosie Magallon

Research Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-8295

Jesi Zavala

Research Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-6417

Pauline David

Residency Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-0158

Natally Alvarado

Fellowship  and Medical Education Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-7105