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We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute Alumni Association - an exclusive community designed to foster lifelong connections, professional growth, and collaboration among our esteemed alumni. As a valued member of our past resident and fellow cohort, we invite you to join this exciting new initiative and be part of a vibrant network dedicated to advancing ophthalmology and supporting one another's success. Whether you graduated last year or several decades ago, the UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute Alumni Association is designed to serve you. 

Here's what you can expect as a member of the UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute Alumni Association

  1. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow alumni, build meaningful relationships, and explore collaborative opportunities within the field of ophthalmology. Leverage the power of our network to explore job prospects, seek mentors, or collaborate on exciting ventures. 
  2. Professional Development: Continue your personal and intellectual growth through access to continued medical education seminars and thought-provoking discussions led by esteemed faculty members and successful alumni. Expand your knowledge, stay abreast of cutting-edge research, and cultivate a curious mindset.
  3. Mentorship: Pay it forward by becoming a mentor to current residents and fellows by sharing your expertise, offering career advice, and provide guidance to aspiring professionals who can benefit from your wisdom and experience.
  4. Social Events: Enjoy social gatherings, reunions, and alumni-exclusive events where you can reconnect with old friends, forge new connections, and celebrate your shared experiences. Keep an eye out for invitations and mark your calendars to join us for these exciting occasions.
  5. Philanthropy and Giving Back: Contribute to the development and growth of UCI Gavin Herbert Eye Institute by supporting scholarships, research initiatives, and community outreach programs. Make a positive impact on society and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

To stay up to date, we will be sending quarterly e-newsletters that will share upcoming alumni events, CME opportunities, latest developments within our institution, recent research and publications from alumni and current faculty, and spotlights on alumni to highlight their achievements and other notable endeavors. 

To become a free member, simply fill out the requested fields below for us to verify you as an alumnus, and we will then send you confirmation you have been accepted. You will then begin receiving our updates.